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The Medi Clean Sanitizer wipes are the easiest and convenient way to clean. It can be used at home. 


Product Features: 

l  Powerful Sanitizer for hands and arms 

l  Kills 99.99% germs that may cause illness in 05 minutes

l  Effective against virus and bacteria 

l  Serves as a cleaning and deodorizing agent 

l  Includes skincare emollients and moisturizes the skin 

l  Gentle Skin Cleaner 

l  Chlorine free 

l  Moisturizing formula 

l  Recommended to use the wipes on phones, computers, and other items that are frequently touched. Used during air travel, sports, car travel, home, picnics, after meals.


Product Specification: 

l  80 disposable wet wipes 

l  Size: 14 x 17 cm 

l  After use, dispose the wipes in the trash 

l  Reseal the transparent seal securely between the uses to prevent moisture loss

l  Store in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place

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