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Oxygen Regulator (Top Valve)
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This Oxygen Regulator is used in hospitals to inhale oxygen when rescuing patients. It is to adjust the variable inlet pressure to a stable outlet pressure as much as possible.
How to Use:
After correctly installing the inhaler on the oxygen valve and opening the cylinder valve, the imported high-pressure gas enters the low-pressure chamber from the high-pressure chamber, and enters the patient's nasal cavity through the flow regulating valve and flow meter. After the rescue is completed, first close the bottle valve and then close the flow regulating valve.
The safety valve is a loading and unloading device for maintaining the safe use of the inhaler, and a signal device for failure of the inhaler. When the output pressure is damaged and the pressure rises to more than 1.3-2 times the output pressure, the safety valve will automatically vent
Safety function:
1. Before using this inhaler, check all parts for damage and wipe it with a dry cloth.
2. The oxygen pressure gauge and pressure reducer are absolutely oil-free.
3. The distilled water in the humidified bottle should be kept clean and replaced frequently.
4. During oxygen inhalation therapy, you should always pay attention to the flow of oxygen, which can be adjusted by the doctor
Product Specification:
Material: valve body zinc alloy
Input pressure: 15Mpa; output pressure: 0.2Mpa
Output flow: 0~10L/min
Size: 320*200*100mm

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