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Velona Cuddles Classic Diaper Jumbo Pack Medium
Velona Cuddles Classic Diaper Jumbo Pack Medium
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Perfect for sensitive skin
Our Diaper is perfect for your newborn baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Magic Tape
Safely secures the waistband against the happy tugging of those little fingers. You can magically refasten it over and over again without it losing its stickiness.

Super Absorbency
As your baby grows & passes more fluid, the super absorbent core efficiently locks away wetness.

Designed for our tropical weather
The breathable outer layer allows air to circulate around the baby’s bottom and keep it dry.

International Certifications
Our adherence to the highest health and safety standards have enabled us to receive certifications from the worlds premier authorities on global regulatory standards such the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA, British Retail Consortium (BRC), SGS, CE and ISO.Baby Diapers

NB     <5kg  Gold
S       3-8kg  Green
M    6-10kg  Orange
L     9-14kg   Blue
XL      12kg+ Purple

All Velona Cuddles Diapers are free of Chlorine.

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